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Our law firm assists clients to attain and keep their wealth through generations, plan for inbound and outbound investments, tax compliance and controversy, and cross-border transactions. Our approach is based on listening to our clients, understanding their goals and helping them achieve their objectives whether it be a cross border investment or transaction, IRS issue, or succession planning for their family. Our relationship with our clients allows us to craft well-reasoned planning to reach their goals. Each family and each situation is unique and therefore we custom tailor each solution for our clients.

Domestic Tax Planning

When it comes to paying taxes in the United States we can help you and your family make a comprehensive plan on how to best maximize the tax code..


International Tax Planning

International Tax planning is a rigorous process that we are more than equipped to handle. We can help you plan for foreign investments and help..


Succession and Estate Planning

Many people are under the false impression that estate planning is merely the drafting of a document such as a trust or a will. However, …


Cross Border Transaction

In our modern age, our society has become more globalized than ever before. Business has followed suit. More businesses are in more..


Pre-Immigration Planning

Moving to the United States with significant assets can pose unique challenges for the inexperienced. We have many clients who have come..


Tax Compliance

Being tax compliant can be an arduous task for normal people who must worry about other things. IRS and the Tax Code are constantly changing, so it is..


Corporate Compliance

We as our own business can deeply understand the many considerations and time it takes to run a successful company. Its a tireless battle of taking..


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Our Business Sectors

International and Domestic Tax Planning

Miami is a global city with multinational business enterprises often owned by multi-jurisdictional families. Such family and business structures present unique challenges for income and succession tax planning for these multi-jurisdictional actors. We have extensive connections in foreign jurisdictions that allow us to integrate U.S. tax planning with foreign laws. Our experience and connections allow us to provide creative and tested solutions for our clients in varying stages of their business and personal lives.

International and Domestic Estate Planning

At our firm, an estate plan is not merely the drafting of a document such as a trust or a will. We work with our clients to determine how their wealth and businesses are structured to determine issues of succession, business continuity and as importantly, family harmony. We implement varied strategies using various forms of trust, family limited partnerships and other succession strategies. Our long term relationships with clients allow us to help navigate them through changes in law and changes in their circumstances.

Tax Compliance

If terms such as FATCA and CRS are scary acronyms, we are here to help. We have experience dealing with international tax issues such as FBAR and FATCA, specially as it applies to dual nationals and non residents of the United States. We assists individuals with voluntary disclosure programs now in effect to avoid criminal penalties for failure to report foreign financial accounts and assets. We can demystify compliance and planning for those clients who inadvertently were out of tax compliance in an official manner.

Transactional Advice

As part of our planning, we focus on the myriad of business formation decisions such as place of formation, form of entity, and the tax implications of such decisions.

We further assist our clients to draft the appropriate governing documents – articles of incorporation, operating agreement, partnership agreements, bylaws, corporate minutes, etc. We also assure our clients are compliant with all corporate formalities to support our asset protection and tax strategies.

“To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Protecting Wealth.
Advising Generations.

Our law firm assists clients to attain and keep their wealth through generations. In our time tested view, the most efficient route to attain and maintain wealth is to listen to our clients and learn from their experiences, current situation, and long term goals.

It is our holistic understanding of our client’s needs that allows us to craft well-reasoned plans for reaching their goals. Each family is unique and therefore each plan must be custom tailored for reaching the goals of wealth transfer through generations to come.